ViMove – how it will help you!

vimove flexion grahps

ViMove – how it will help you!

ViMove is a total game changer

It has helped loads of patient realise and understand how they move and why they have low back pain. We are able to use motion sensor technology to objectify (raw data) your movement which is then compared to 10-15 years of research where people your age, height, weight etc are tested which gives us comparitive data. Data that does not lie. This tech is used by some of the most prestigious sports teams in the world (Manchester United FC, Liverpool FC, New South Wales Cricket, etc etc) so its got the backing of some serious sports teams through to those who have low back pain from picking up a bag off the floor (anyone basically)

Its probably best we look at a short video to show you how its used. In this instance we are looking at the squat and how the ViMove tech can see faults in your movement which could lead to low back pain.

This is just a low back assessment. ViMove can assess your running gait, neck function, hamstring function, knee control and much more.

If you have any pain / niggles which are related to movement – eg walking downstairs, running, moving in your chair at work – then get your self booked in. Its amazing and you will be surprised at its capabilities. With this tool we can actually see what is happening with raw data which removes the guess work completely.

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