Team GB Bobsleigh

Team GB Bobsleigh


Annabel is a great patient. Enthusiastic, bright and with a real passion for her sport. A passion which drove her determination to get herself fit and ready for the youth Olympics which is an amazing achievement. It takes great power and strength with much more technique and explosive speed than you think. You won’t catch me hurtling myself down the luge anytime soon.

Grade II tears of the biceps femoris are a real pain. They are used so regularly when walking, running, lunging that they rarely have time to rest. The first thing to treat after any muscle tear is site of the tear. The area where the tear happens forms scar tissue. This is normal and is a natural occurrence. However if left to its own devices the scar become mal-aligned and puckers up. This ‘puckering’ effect draws surrounding tissues towards its middle which in time restricts the pliability of those surrounding tissues and causes further issues down the line.

So the first thing to get sorted is the scar tissue: very gentle stretches as pain allows allows you to maintain and re-establish flexibility. The ‘no pain no gain’ concept here is not to be used – it will make it much worse as you will effectively be tearing the injured tissue further. Once the tissue has healed then we can start sports massage treatment to the area and stretch a touch more. This breaks down and realigns the scar tissue so it become properly aligned and ready to take some rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation is a long process but it has to slow and graded – this increases the chance of a functional hamstring group which will perform at the highest level. You can’y get much higher than the Olympics so best to go through rehabilitation slowly and surely.

So if you have had a hamstring strain, tear or have had hamstring issues in the past then come and get them looked at – I know all to well about hamstrings as I torn them countless times playing rugby and sprinting before I qualified as a physiotherapist.

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