Rosier Physio Plan

If you want move through life more freely then keep reading…

Why is it we are more comfortable getting our cars serviced then we are having our own bodies assessed and treated.

After all – our bodies are our instruments to get around and enjoy the things we do.

If you have regular visits to us we will help guide you through any niggles you have or longer standing issues quickly and with the use of some high tech diagnostics and a fully kitted studio.

    • MOT

      The MOT

      If you are confident you are happy with your training regime or fitness plan then this once a year MOT will help get the most out of your movement. This includes:

      Full movement screen with movement analysis
      Podiatry consultation
      Exercise prescription with mobile app
      £10 off 2 follow up appointments at any time.

    • Physio basic

      £18.50 per month

      Up to six sessions included throughout your 12 month plan for you or your family. You choose when or how you use your inclusive allowance. Use your allowance for massage, physiotherapy or conditioning at your nominated clinic.

    • Physio plus

      £60 per month

      Two sessions included per calendar month for you and your family. You choose if you need physiotherapy, massage or strength and conditioning at your nominated clinic.