ViMoving with the times

 The latest tech for the new movement studio in Newbury – ViMove can assess your movement using motion sensors applied to the body and can be used over a 24 hour period.

This is what a report will look like when you have your running assessment. We are able to assess and examine many factors of your running technique which might highlight the cause of injury or better still prevent injury altogether.

The Best Solution For Your Team

If you are involved in team sports then ViMove can be the extra player. It can provide a full screening programme which will highlight areas of weakness on each individual player. These weaknesses can then be improved making the team stronger, faster and fitter.


    • Understand your running technique and style
    • See how much force each step is producing and what effect this has on the body as a whole
    • Improve stride length and cadence
    • Increase your speed and power
    • Perfect for triathletes, ironmen and track events


    • Increase hamstring flexibility – a very common problem area resulting in time spent off the pitch injured
    • Understand how much imbalance there is between the quadriceps and hamstrings
    • Increase the running speed and stopping time when running
    • Ideal for dynamic sports which require speed, change of direction and power


    • Assess the amount of movement in your lower back – this may be too much or too little
    • Test the quality of movement and compare this against normative values obtained through years of comprehensive research
    • This will help to enhance sport performance as your lumbo-pelvic stability increases so creating a strong controlled foundation for movement.


    • Assessing functional movements allows us to see what muscle groups and joints require treatment. Locating these is easy with the ViMove system
    • Seeing where the issues lie within your movement allows us to focus attanetion on the areas that need most attention
    • This saves time, decreases rehabilitation time and produces quick results – just in time for the season ahead