Have You Considered Corporate Physiotherapy and Sports Massage For Your Business?

Corporate physiotherapy and sports massage at work can be extremely rewarding for the employees and your business

  • Stress Reduction

    • Stress is a big issue in the workplace and can have a drastic effect on productivity.
    • It’s the main reason for resignation from work and and can be made much more acute¬†when the patient is in pain
    • Evidence has proven that massage can decrease stress dramatically and increase productivity which equals a happy boss

  • Posture

    • Posture at work is vitally important
    • Sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day causes postural changes to the spine
    • Deficient posture can lead to a host of other problems including low back pain, shoulder impingement and headaches
    • Posture can be quickly assessed and treated at work

  • Portable therapy

    • Portable equipment can be easily set up within the offices
    • 15 minute appointments mean many employees can be seen during each visit
    • ViMove technology can assess posture, movement and provide tailor made exercises programmes for each employee
    • ViMove can be used over a 24 hour period so each employee can be continually assessed

  • Tailored therapy

    • Call to arrange the best time for us to visit
    • Allocate a member of staff to organise the appointment list – this can be part of their CV development – we can then communicate together to organise the visits
    • Staff discount for therapies at the studio (Physiotherapy, sports massage, ViMove assessment)

Please click on the link below to download the corporate package


Corporate therapy rpsm