Running style – which one is yours?

Running style – which one is yours?

Are you a bad runner, or rather, someone who has bad technique?

Having poor technique when running can really place a lot of stress on joints, muscles and just about all the soft tissue in the body. This can obviously lead to injury and chronic biomechanical problems.

The thing is, when you run with poor posture for long periods of time (weeks or longer) you not only increase the risk of injury but your central nervous system will learn that your technique is correct – even though it is not and is bad for you.

This is commonly the biggest problem for physios to treat as we try to re-train the body to move in the correct way. This requires starting from scratch and assessing which muscles are weak and which are too strong. Off the back of this assessment we start ‘functional rehabilitation’ which increase the efficiency of movement and technique so you run with better fluidity and ease. Using the ViMove system we can really understand your movement pattern and work towards retraining your style so making you more efficient, quicker and reducing the risk on injury.

Take a look at the video – these guys require a lot of fine tuning to make them smooth runners like Mo Farrah!!

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