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  • If you have joint stiffness, muscle soreness, nerve symptoms then you are likely experiencing compensation issues.
  • These often are because one area of the body is weak, stiff, painful which then causes another area to get overworked.
  • So we have created a fully bespoke option which will allow you to learn, understand and feel confident that you are moving as best as possible.
  • We will also work towards any goals you may have – reaching these is as important to you and they are to us!


1: Movement Screen

What is a movement screen?

This is the very  first step as it allows us to catch all the data we need to ascertain where your bio-mechanical issues are uncovered.

We use the following techniques to get this info – fast!


ViMove movement assessments

Dartfish Movement analysis

Physiotherapy physical assessment

2: Choose your plan

Which one is best for me?

After your movement screen and initial assessment with Tom you will have a much better idea of where you are in terms of rehab.

Some people need very slow and gentle rehab where others may need 1 session a month for a few months.

Every plan is highly bespoke, physio-led and includes a range of benefits to suit your exact requirements.


Do you set goals for me?

Once we have agreed the best route to rehab you will be booked in and started on your journey

We use an amazing app to help us keep connected so you have the support you need all the way through

We will use this app to evolve your home exercises which will compliment the rehab you have with us.


    • Do you want to know how well you move or want to learn how you can improve movement?
    • Obtain incredible insights into your overall movement.
    • Detect to the nearest degree how your lower back bends, how stable your knees are and how effective your running technique is.
    • Direct and focus rehabilitation on the areas of weakness you have.


    • If you are carrying an injury and need it treated quickly and with lasting effects then this is the plan for you.
    • Many patients who take our ‘Essentials’ feel so much increased confidence in their movement and bodies capabilities when they end their plans.
    • You will be assessed by the physio to start with who will decide what your requirements are. Together you will come up with some goals – then you will be started on your journey to a fitter life.
    • Referred patients from Rosier Physio will receive an added physiotherapy assessment for free during their rehab plan.


    • If you are serious about your fitness and want to progress your physical ability then this will accelerate you to your goals.
    • Learn more about human movement and learn how to manage muscles which will get tight on occasion
    • The latest acheivement of ours came from one our patients who reduced her 50m front crawl by a second!!
    • This includes the ‘Movement Screen’ and includes better rates for support services (physio, massage, stretching, pilates, podiatry).


    • This package is all about prevention and protecting your body from injury which is by far the most important aspect of health and wellbeing.
    • By taking on this package you will be substantially decreasing the risk of injury and enhancing your movement control which will make living life much easier
    • This is spread over a greater period of time so acts like MOT’s for your car – but for you as you deserve it.
    • Got a big event booked in the diary –  then this is the package for you so you can be in best physical shape for that event.
    • Perfect for those who have completed our ‘Essentials’ plan.

Includes Movement Screen at start and end of the plan

one - to -one rehabilitation and goal setting

10% off support services (massage, physio, podiatry, pilates)

come with a friend and save 30% off your joint plans.

learn about the human body and how it connects to your issues

see where your issues are with reports from your assessments

be more confident in your movement and feel more free

share your experiences on social media and spread the word.

perfect if you have a big date ahead - wedding, 1/2 marathon - whatever it may be

who have areas of aching or pain which persist and move around body

our app is our way to stay connected - this will have all your exercises on it, information on your injury.

it will also allow us to keep a track of your compliance - we're on it!

What our patients our saying about us!!