Price List

Price list for Physiotherapy

Tailored physio for your unique symptoms

We will fit your rehab around the things you care about.

Every patient is physically built differently. One size does not fit all so we only provide bespoke rehab.

Initial Consultation
The first step in your journey to recovery.
Follow up consultation
Time for us to advance your rehab
Home Consultation
If you want us to come to you then we can arrange that.

Price list for Sports Massage

Muscle aches and pains?

Then treat yourself to a physio led massage for effective and expert care

Treat yourself for all your hard work when training or at work

Complete Sports Massage
Had a stressful week or are you training hard - this 1 hour session will help for sure.
Intense treatment
Have an area of tension which you can't shake off - then we will ease this and teach you how to prevent it.
Home sports massage
Havn't time to come to us - we can come to you