Our story

The clinic was founded by Tom Rosier MSc, MCSP to put into practice his belief that physiotherapy should work on restoring natural movement to prevent pain and injury as well as treating and reducing the pain of specific injuries. Originally an NHS practitioner, by 2011 Tom was helping so many friends with back pain or sports injuries that he left the NHS to focus on his own fast-growing practice.
By 2016 the practice had grown to such a degree that he was working from three locations and spending much of his time travelling. Increasingly, he was treating patients with injuries that either resulted from bad movement practices or would worsen unless movement and posture were properly assessed and adjusted.
A specialist clinic with a multi-disciplinary approach was needed and in 2016 he obtained the premises to set up the Rosier Physio & Movement Studio. The clinic reflects Tom’s philosophy of the important inter-dependence between natural movement and pain reduction by including complementary practitioners in the fold, including pilates and yoga. Asked what objectives he has set for the clinic, Tom will reply that it’s simple:
  • Reduce pain by restoring natural movement.
  • Treat the whole patient including mind and whole body as well as specific injuries.
  • Involve the patient in the treatment plan.
  • Use the latest diagnostic technology to get the right diagnosis.
  • Prevent as well as cure.