Glutes activation

Glutes activation


How to get glute activation


What are the glutes?

The glutes are a huge muscle group which comprise of the glute minimus, medius and maximus and when working together they support the lower back, help propel you forwards when running, walking etc and are hugely important for the overall movement of the body  as  forces are transmitted through the pelvis so the glutes need to be ready for action and strong.


PHYSIO TIP: a  really easy way to ‘prime’ the glutes


If you find it hard to actually feel the glutes when you are exercising then this is a quick trick to help you – a trick which has really helped many of my patients.

I want you to try this now – stand with your feet turned in (pigeon toed) – now squeeze your glutes hard for 5 seconds. Did you feel much? maybe a little bit?

Now turn your feet outwards and try the same thing – squeeze the glutes hard – you should feel a much harder contraction which you can feel for a few seconds after finishing.

This is KEY – you have to try and replicate that sensation of contracting your glutes when you do you exercises (squats, deadlifts, step ups, lunges, bridges). Anything which requires glute contraction (getting out of chairs, climbing stairs, picking things up) will feel much easier and feel like you are contracting the glutes at the right time.


Give it a go and let me know how you get on – you’ll have ‘buns of steel‘ in no time at all


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