ViMove competition - Rosier Physio & Movement Studio - Newbury
Rosier Physio & Movement Studio Newbury, based in South Newbury in Berkshire. We have two locations in Newbury. Donnington Valley Spa and Rosier Physio and Movement Studio. We offer physiotherapy, sports massage, strength and conditioning, pilates, yoga, tai chi, nutritional therapy and neurokinetic therapy.
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ViMove competition

vimove running graphs

ViMove competition

ViMove Competition

ViMove is the very latest in affordable motion sensor technology assessment. It boasts incredible results and gives you an insight unlike any other diagnostic equipment in a physio clinic. We have been using it now for 6 months and the results are nothing but amazing.

We can objectively assess your movement (lower back, hamstrings, running gait, neck function) and literally see what your body is doing – this then means we can work together to improve your bodies ability to move with pain free control and increase your performance for any sport or task.

We are doing a special competition on facebook – once the number of ‘likes’ gets to 300 then everyone liking our page will be entered into the competition to win a ViMove Assessment worth £75. Once 300 people like the  page then the competition will start!



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