Sports Massage Newbury - professional physiotherapy led massage
Rosier Physio & Movement Studio Newbury, based in South Newbury in Berkshire. We have two locations in Newbury. Donnington Valley Spa and Rosier Physio and Movement Studio. We offer physiotherapy, sports massage, strength and conditioning, pilates, yoga, tai chi, nutritional therapy and neurokinetic therapy.
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ahh – a nice kind of pain!

sports massage Newbury

The perfect remedy after a hard run or a stressful week at work is a  Sports massage Newbury

So get yourself booked in to the Newbury studio or we can come to you.

  • football

    Pre - sport

    Before you head out to compete in that run or game of football then this will liven you up and get you game ready!

  • massaging hands

    Post - sport

    What better way to recover than a heavy in-depth sports massage. Proven to speed up recovery and help your rehabilitation.

  • full body

    Full body

    Looking to get the full treatment? A head to toe sports massage will surely get you ironed out and ready to face anything you throw yourself at - your longest run, the heaviest weights or a long week at work.

  • House with heart inside

    Home sports massage

    Haven't the time to get to the clinic then let our therapists come to you and provide you the highest standard of massage using portable equipment. A favourite for busy workaholics

  • massage table

    Corporate sports massage

    There are many reasons to provide massage to your workforce - stress relief, less days off sick, increase productivity and yes they all have been proven to exist. So call and arrange a meeting to discuss your companies' needs.

Why choose massage at Rosier Physio and Movement Studio?

massage newbury

    • A physio with a degree in Sports Therapy is a physio with 3 years of sports massage training under their belt
    • Its sports massage with the benefit of advanced training in manual therapy, diagnostic techniques and skill set of a physio
    • The ability to diagnose conditions such as gleno-humeral impingement syndrome or meniscal tearing is possible with a physiotherapist – which a sports masseuse is not allowed to do


    • Watch the video below to understand what a sports massage is
    • Learn how it helps and why its so beneficial for sport

What is a sports massage.


    • Our studio has the best equipment for massage to make your treatment more effective, more comfortable and more enjoyable
    • Specialist educational tech can be used to show you exactly what is being massaged, the effect this has on the body and your sport.
    • A home management programme can be provided so your can maintain the effect of your massage for longer – giving you power to treat and manage yourself