Functional Fitness - Rosier Physio & Movement Studio - Newbury
Rosier Physio & Movement Studio Newbury, based in South Newbury in Berkshire. We have two locations in Newbury. Donnington Valley Spa and Rosier Physio and Movement Studio. We offer physiotherapy, sports massage, strength and conditioning, pilates, yoga, tai chi, nutritional therapy and neurokinetic therapy.
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Functional Fitness

Give your fitness a boot in the right direction

boot camp Newbury 

Starting Thursday July 6th

Functional fitness is here – the very best way to get fit fast.

Functional fitness uses specific exercises which help improve strength, speed, joint stability, posture and movement patterns. All these components won’t only increase your sporting performance but also the way you move every day!

Rosier Physio & Movement Studio is partnered with some fantastic local specialists in the fitness / personal training world so you will be able to reach your goal safely, quickly and most importantly with fun.

  • Prowler Sled

    The Prowler Sled

    Great for glute strength and lower limb development - the prowler sled will give your legs a real burn!

  • the big tyre

    The Big Tyre

    The Big Tyre is a really useful bit of kit which can be used in so many ways. Amazing for functional rehab and whole body exercises the Big Tyre will get you really tyred - yes yes I know - another great pun!

  • Skipping Rope

    The Battle Rope

    This chap is fantastic at working your upper body and core. There are endless ways to use the battle rope which lends itself to a full body workout - but your arms, chest and back will surely get a good workout.

  • platforms

    The Platforms

    These platforms are arranged specifically so you are asked to jump, hop and land at different heights. Plyometric exercises are used to develop powerful explosive movements of the whole body.

  • the pull up bar

    The Pull up bar

    This is a standard bit of kit which is great for increasing upper body strength - pull ups are hard but with resistance bands, boxes and a bit of verbal persuasion you will be the pull up king very soon.

Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness

To get the most varied, exciting workout using a huge range of equipment. You will also be getting the best local professionals to get you to where you want to be.

These are just a few of the exercises available – we can provide countless different exercises so you can be sure to get a really varied, fun and effective workout!

  • Functional Fitness Class

    • £10 each – paid in advance
    • No walk ins
    • 10 people max – enhances tuition and safety
    • Team work – working in pairs or teams increases compliance and overall effort
    • If you want to concentrate on a particular sport then we can change the set up to suit that for you

  • Personal Functional Fitness

    • £60 – 1 hour – 1 person
    • £35 each  –  1 hour – 2 people
    • Personal tuition so much more intense teaching and bespoke training
    • Personal management plan provided
    • Recording times, weights, reps etc so you progress quickly and safely
    • Nutritional advice and management available – email for further information on this service