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Rosier Physio & Movement Studio offers bespoke physiotherapy, health and fitness plans to help improve your movement. Based in Newbury, West Berkshire. Experts in low back pain, posture correction and fitness.
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Calf stetches

Calf stetches

Calf Stretches

If you have a tightness in the calf then these may help to release it. If tightness persists and you are unsure why then come in a see us for a ViMove analysis and physical examination to work out the cause.


See below for the stretches and let us now how you get on by sharing on @rosierphysio.


See some calf stretches

Hold the first 4 for 2 minutes, 2 x daily for a week and try foam rolling the calf for 1 minute every other day with a brisk roll.





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